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Tuesday Aug 10, 2010

“Food habits” refers to the way how we: use, select, obtain, prepare, serve, and of course, eat food.

Today, this can be divided to further complicated psychological concepts regarding eating and personality.

Did you ever hear of the term “You are what you eat”?

Would you agree with this concept regarding your diet, personality, and lifestyle?

Some cultures believe that because milk is a food for infants it will weaken adults, some consume gelatin to improve their bone strength (gelatin is made from animal bones), while others may eat walnuts to improve their brain health (walnuts resemble the brain in appearance).

The correlation between what people eat, how they are perceived by others, and how they characterize themselves is very interesting.

In one study, researchers listed foods typical of five diets: Vegetarian, gourmet, health food, fast food, and synthetic food. It was found that each category was associated with a certain personality type.  Vegetarians were considered to be pacifists and likely to drive foreign cars. Gourmets were believed to be liberal and sophisticated.  Health food fans were described as antinuclear activists and democrats. Fast food and synthetic food eaters were believed to be religious, conservative, and wearers of polyester clothing.  These stereotypes were confirmed by self description and personality tests completed by people whose diets fell into the five categories (Kittler, Sucher, Food and Culture).

Another study asked college students to rate profiles of people based on their diets.  The persons who ate “good” foods were judged thinner, fitter, and more active than persons with the identical physical characteristics and exercise habits who ate “bad” foods (Kittler, Sucher, Food and Culture).

My opinion is that the food choice is, in fact, influenced by self identity, and self expression.  I believe that you have to have a certain personality to be a: vegetarian, vegan, an omnivore, to love fast food, or prefer to be a health food fan!

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