“The Conclusion”

Sunday Dec 12, 2010

Here is the conclusion of a year long research project that i have conducted for the University of Illinois at Chicago…
Thank you to all that participated and contributed to this study… 🙂

“Health Related Lifestyle Trends of Close Proximity Populations;
With Focus on Young Adults of the North Side and the North/North West Chicago Suburbs”

Young adults (ages 18-25), residents of either the North City of Chicago or North/North West Chicago suburbs were surveyed about the physiological, psychological, and environmental attitude of their general lifestyle trends. Based on the results, a greater level of physical activity exists in the North Chicago area; lower rates of “eating out” in the North/North West Chicago Suburbs location; and both populations agreed for City of Chicago being the overall healthier location.

The North Chicago location has demonstrated higher levels of general physical activity and exercise when compared to the North/North West Chicago suburbs area, due to the use of other modes of transportation besides the automobile (e.g. public transportation, bicycle, and walking), as well as more planned regular physical activity weekly. On the other hand, the North Chicago location demonstrated “eating out” more frequently than the North/North West Chicago location due to the proximity of restaurants and fast food places. Both, the North Chicago and North/North West Chicago suburbs population had the same attitude towards diet awareness and body image, which indicated that location, does not seem to play a role in diet awareness and body image when the locations are in such close proximity. Finally, both populations came to the agreement that the City of Chicago has a “healthier lifestyle in terms of diet and physical activity”. This may be due to the common belief that urban settings pay more attention to “health, lifestyle, body shape, and appearance”.

While both locations demonstrated some positives and negatives, overall Chicago seems to be attracting more young adults due to its characteristic lifestyle. This trend can be seen by the higher percentage of young adults in the Chicago area compared to the suburbs. Although, the location may play a role, all individuals should develop healthy lifestyle trends (healthy diet and regular physical activity) from a young age to make it a life long commitment and to prevent some of the chronic diseases that are correlated with inactive lifestyle and a bad diet.

Further study of close proximity populations in urban and rural areas with a greater number of subjects may be necessary to validate the trends observed in the current study of the Chicago-land area, as well as to find more conclusive explanations to these trends.

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