“Music is like a legal drug for athletes”

Tuesday Dec 21, 2010

I can’t imagine life without music. Many would agree that the world would be a dull and sad place without its contribution. As much as it’s hard for one to imagine a celebration, or any other occasion without music, I can’t imagine exercising without my favorite tunes! From personal experience, my favorite songs make my workouts more productive and enjoyable.

Some reasons to how music can positively benefit your workout (besides making it more fun) may be: moving with the beat of the music tends to keep you going synchronously, music tends to increase your desire to move rather than sit or rest, and music tends to distract you from feeling exercise exertion-this way you keep on going rather than give up.

Three similar studies by Schwartzmiller (2003), Johnson (2004), and Kapingst (2010) compared groups that listened to music while exercising to groups that didn’t listen to music. “Combined data illustrated that as the beat of the music increased, power output and resultant exercise intensity increased.” Another study by Prieboy (2009) which examined the effect of music and exercise exertion concluded; “Ratings of perceived exertion (RPE) were lowest when subjects listened to self-selected music, despite a constant exercise workload.” Many other studies suggest similar results to the positive effect of music on exercise!

The bottom line is that by increasing the beat frequency you will tend to go faster or work harder. By listening to music, you will tend to enjoy exercise more while focus less on your breathing and perceive it to be less exhausting. And most importantly you get to enjoy your workout with your favorite songs!

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