Like A Spartan!

Tuesday Apr 24, 2012

Spartan Who? 

The Spartans were an elite class of Greek warriors who prided themselves on physical fitness, endurance, fighting ability and all-around toughness.

Spartan workout:

“The ancient Spartans did not have barbells or gym equipment to train. They had to rely on their natural resources and body weight for resistance in strength training. They would often run for several miles through the hills that surrounded their city, then jog in teams carrying huge logs over their heads. To train their upper bodies they would do pushups, lift heavy clay pots and bench press the body weight of their training partner.”

To get your body into “Spartan” shape; perform circuit training routines lasting 60-120 minutes, 3-5 days a week. Rather than just lifting weights and performing conventional bodybuilding exercises, focus on body weight exercises with little rest between sets. Incorporate challenging exercises such as; uphill sprinting, traveling pushups, squat jumps, etc.

Spartan Diet:

“The ancient Spartans were skilled agriculturalists. They tended to farms that they used to generate their own livestock, dairy, produce and grains. A Spartan warrior ate a diet that mainly consisted of whole grain barley, whole grain wheat, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, legumes, fish, quail eggs, chicken eggs, olive oil and meat. Sugar was unknown to the Greeks, so the Spartans never ate it!”

Diet is part of the deal, so you will not get a Spartan body without the Spartan eating style.  Basically avoiding sugar, eating complex carbohydrates and a protein rich diet will do.  Make sure to control portion sizes (there is such a thing as a “healthy overeater”).  Eat small frequent meals throughout the day and drink lots of water (and only water).

If you follow the spartan lifestyle I cannot guarantee that you will become a Spartan, but you will see the results in your body; have more energy, feel stronger, and more confident! HOОRAY!


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